Spider-Man is #1 for Helping Readers Learn English

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As I am sure you know, Spider-Man has a huge arsenal of superhuman abilities. But in addition to climbing walls and using is “spider-sense,” the web-making Superhero is responsible for helping people across the world learn English.

In a recent research study conducted by Kaplan International Colleges, over half of people surveyed said they improved their knowledge of the English language by reading comic books and that Spider-Man was the most popular superhero.

Peter Parker’s alter ego fought off competition from rival superheroes Superman and Batman by helping 15% of people in their English learning journey while the Man of Steel could only assist 10% and the Dark Knight 6%.

The study’s results have been turned into Kaplan’s Infographic, shown here. The language school asked hundreds of their past and present language school students whether watching television shows, listening to music, reading comics or playing video games helped them to understand and study English, and an amazing 55% of respondents picked up some English language skills from following the adventures of their favorite superheroes in comics such as Spider-Man, The X-Men and The Fantastic Four.

The news was met with great fanfare by The Stan Lee Foundation, a non-profit organization founded to provide access to literacy, education, and the arts. Ms. Junko Kobayashi, the organization’s president, said that they were please that such a well-known character as Spider-Man was playing a big role in helping students learn English. I think it’s a great thing to. Do you read comics? Leave a comment here and let us know!

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