English Reading: Life as a Pet, Part I

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[Editor’s note: This is the first installment of a fictional story, My Life as a Pet, written by Kaoru, an international student here at Happy English. We hope you enjoy it!]

I am a pygmy marmoset which has coffee color. I am living The U.S, but I am not sure of my height and build. I guess my height is just about the same size as Denny’s thumb. Denny is the owner of the pet shop I have been living in for 1 year. My birthplace was Colombia, but I don’t know the exact city that I was born.

I am actually an adventurous animal, so I jumped into a bag of coffee when some farmer packed coffee into bags to export to The U.S. Then my adventure was a great success because I could come to Denny’s hose. One morning, when he opened the bag of coffee, he surprisingly shouted. As you know I was in the bag of coffee from Colombia. Even though he was astonished by me, he was very kind to me. He loved me so much, but his beautiful wife whose name was Linda was frail, so he had to call in a primary doctor for her. At last he decided to sell me so he could afford her expensive medicine.

The next day Denny put me into a green cage in his pet shop. The animal next to me was a parrot. I was annoyed by the parrot because the parrot was a chatter bird. The parrot‘s name was Ring. However no matter how tired Ring was, Ring was smiling at me every time. I grew to like her over time.  Every night she sang a lullaby like a mother. One day some graceful woman who has beautiful white hair and blue eyes came over the pet shop, and she immediately liked Ring, so she bought Ring without hesitation. Ring winked at me. The wink made me very sad but I hoped for Ring’s happiness.

My life has been boring because the pet shop had become hushed since Ring was gone. Every morning I said to all of pets “Good morning guys.” First, I do grooming myself. Second I eat some seeds and drink milk then I take a nap with my pink pillow. Finally, I fall sleep early. How petty my life is……

However Denny still was kind to me so I hoped that Linda would be fine. In addition, I have had a dream to travel all over the world and wanted to see a lot of people and animals since I was in Colombia, so I had been waiting for someone who can take me all over the world for a long time. If I go to Africa I will ask elephants what is different between you and mammoths, and if I go to Japan I will ask snow monkeys about our ancestors. And I wanted to get my name because I didn’t have my name…

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