English Lesson: Use Will & Would for Characteristic Behavior

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A garden lover will spend hours working in the garden

When you want to talk about usual or characteristic behavior, you can use will.

  • A baby bird will leave its nest when it is able to fly.
  • A dog will wag its tail when it is happy.
  • A car will not stop as well in the rain as it will on a sunny day.
  • Ice will melt if the temperature rises.

When you want to talk about usual or characteristic behavior in the past, you can use would.

  • Before the invention of television, people would listen to radio dramas for entertainment.
  • My grandfather would always tell us stories of his life as a boy in Italy.
  • No matter what the occasion, my grandmother would never drink alcohol.
  • When ever I needed help with my math homework, my mother would help me.

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