One-Point English Lesson: Using More with Nouns

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She’s planning to plant more flowers in her garden!

More can be used as a determiner before a noun to mean “additional” or “a greater amount.” You can use more + plural noun or more + non-countable noun.

  • I enjoyed my vacation, but I wish I had more time for sightseeing.
  • Would you like more soup?
  • Jack said he needs more wood to complete his project.
  • We expected more people to come to the meeting.

You can also use more + noun to make a comparison with than.

  • There are more skyscrapers in New York than there are in Boston.
  • Jack worked more hours than Bob did last week.
  • I have more pens than I need, so please take some.
  • We saw more old buildings in Kyoto than we saw in Tokyo.

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