News Article: Bob Marley Helps You Learn English!

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Do you listen to music to help you learn English? A lot of people do, according to a recent study done by Kaplan International Colleges. Kaplan asked hundreds of their current and previous students whether watching television and films, playing video games and listening to music, etc was helpful in learning English. The college collated all of their research and created the Kaplan How to Learn English Infographic to showcase these statistics.

The study found that 80% of the respondents said listening to music was helpful and 14% said the iconic reggae songs of Bob Marley, such as “No Woman, No Cry”, “Stir It Up”, and “One Love”, were the most useful for enhancing their understanding of the English language. The Jamaican singer-songwriter’s music and lyrics assists the largest number of people who are studying to improve their language skills.

Bob Marley beat out the competition from other pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna who came in at 11% and 8% of the voting respectively. Even today’s current chart-toppers Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber combined were able to gather only half of the votes garnered by Marley, whose timeless music continues to enjoy widespread global popularity. When she learned about the results, Cedella Marley said that it was exciting to find out that her father’s legendary music and story-telling lyrics could enhance students’ understanding and study of English.

Listening to music helps you think in English, and gives you the opportunity to review vocabulary in context. Whatever your musical tastes are, I am sure you will find music to be a useful addition to your English study.

Key Vocabulary used in this article:

  • Study (n). Research done to analyze something.
  • Collate (v). To collect and combine information in an organized way.
  • Iconic (adj). Legendary or very well known.
  • Beat out (v). To win.
  • Respectively (adv). In the same order as was previously mentioned.

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