One-Point English Lesson: Using Let’s

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When you want to make a suggestion for you and another person, or for you and other people, you can use let’s. Let’s is the contracted form of let us, and the meaning is the same as why don’t we. We use let’s + base verb:

  • Jack: What should we have for dinner?
  • Jane: Let’s have pizza. Why don’t we have pizza.
  • Cathy: It’s raining. What should we do today?
  • Jane: Let’s go shopping at the mall. Why don’t we go shopping…
  • Tom: Shall we play tennis or go swimming?
  • Jane: Let’s do both! Why don’t we do both…
  • Boss: It’s almost 2:00. Let’s start the meeting.

Danger Point #1

We only use let’s + verb. We don’t use let’s + noun!

  • It’s a nice day. Let’s tennis.

Danger Point #2 

We only use let’s to make a suggestion that includes the speaker (that’s you!) If you want to make a suggestion that does not include yourself, then you can use why don’t you or should:

  • Jack: What should I have for dinner?
  • Jane: Why don’t you have pizza. [or] You should have pizza.

Have you made any suggestions recently? What were they?

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