Build Your English Vocabulary with the English Train App!

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For language school students who are learning English with Kaplan, they have an exciting announcement. English Train, the free app that makes learning English fun and easy is now available. With this app gamers are encouraged to get their ticket for the English Train and improve their language skills in a fast-paced race against time by quickly matching words to the corresponding image before they reach the next station.

Players can increase their vocabulary in three fun categories: animals, technology and food and drink. They must memorize each new English word by combining the image with an audio description. At each train station, players must click on a passenger and match what they say with the correct image found on the train seat. They also get the chance to revise their move by viewing corrections after each round.

Players also have the option to compare scores with other players from around the world by uploading results onto Facebook and the Global Leaderboard. Players who think their brain is faster than the English Train can share their success with friends and family.

This app is a great way to help children understand how to learn English and is also the perfect study tool for second language students of all ages who want to learn how to speak English with a greater vocabulary.

The best news is that the English Train app is available for FREE exclusively through the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. There is even a version for the android. I think you should get yours now!