Guest Blog Post: Starting an Online Business

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Here is some practical advice from Yunhee for all of the entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

If you are considering starting an online business, you have to prepare many detailed things ahead. Especially, if you do it on your own with a limited budget and you are green in this type of field like me, I’d like to tell you briefly about what I’m going through right now in order to open this business.

I decided last year to start an online business selling only women’s shoes, and it has virtually been in the process of opening for the past couple of months. In this process, I have been finding so many things I neglected that are now actually emerging into difficulty. Let me tell you just three examples of things that challenge me.

Firstly, because shoes relate to a type of fashion, photos are the most important concern for my website. I discovered that all pictures have to be taken with the right angles and right positions. If you are already an expert or good at taking pictures, you don’t need to worry. For me, finding a proper photographer took a little bit of time.

Secondly, I have been researching creative marketing slogans, but this is somehow really difficult because these types of short phrases should appeal to people and must catch their eyes while giving them the main idea of the products my website provides. Therefore, creating slogans is as important as designing a logo and taking pictures. Also, some parts of the website such as “terms of use” and “privacy policy” are another obstacle. You need to be concerned about business regulations and laws, so those sections should be done professionally, unless you know a lot about it based on what you sell.

Lastly, after all the work I have done, what I’m about to go through is to how to market the business. Overall this is actually the last part I am managing to do constantly and continuously. Using social media is going to be a big part of my plan.

You might have a different type of online business and maybe you don’t need to bother with what I’m going through now. However, since we are on the same E-boat, let’s educate ourselves the last part; how to use Social Networking sites to drive business and achieve success.

In closing, I’d like to get back to you with my successful story again!

[Note: Yunhee is scheduled to launch her online business in early November, 2012. As soon as she does, I’ll provide you a link so you can see the fruits of her labor. ~ Michael]

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