World Record-Breaking Pilot Lands At English School In Manchester

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Carlo Schmid flew into an English language school in Manchester!

Carlo Schmid, at 22 years old is on his way to becoming the youngest person in the world to fly solo around the world by doing so in just 80 days, thus beating the previous record set by the American pilot Barrington Irving in 2007.

International students studying at the Kaplan language school in Manchester, England were thrilled when Carlo stopped by their school. Over 100 students watched with fascination as Carlo shared his adventure through videos, pictures and a brilliant speech that captured the imagination of all in attendance. After that, Carlo dedicated a full 30 minutes to a question & answer session for the students who were quite eager to learn more about the young pilot.

In return, Mr. Jordan Holmes, the school’s Social Program Manager presented Carlo with some signed Manchester United memorabilia as a thank you from Kaplan for inspiring their English language students with his charity work. Manchester was Carlo’s final destination before completing his amazing journey.

The weather proved to be his most difficult challenge. Carlo dealt with all extremes of weather, from the scorching heat of the desert, to the icy clouds of the Arctic; it often forced him to make difficult decisions while flying in order to stay on schedule.

Added to this mix were the technical problems of flying as well as the administrative issues of flying through 18 different countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America in three months. Remarkably, Carlo was able to accomplish his goal and break the world record when he landed back in Switzerland.

What an amazing story!

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