Learning Tools for the 21st Century!

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Times have changed, and modern times call for modern learning methods. I’m happy to let you know about a new range of online tools designed to enhance the English learning experience.

Students who learn English with Kaplan can take advantage of this brand new range of K+ tools which include integrated books, apps, games and online platforms just launched to transform the way that students enjoy their Kaplan Experience and learn English in the 21st Century. Every aspect of the K+ experience works together as students benefit from online learning tools as well as face-to-face lessons with teachers and interactions with other students.

Kaplan’s students in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia have had the benefit of using K+ products such as My Kaplan, the newly-designed online student portal, K+ Notes and K+ Tools. K+ Notes are English language booklets that are used in the face-to-face lessons as exciting extra resources.

These books contain dynamic and relevant topics that are in line with their student’s English learning interests and needs. In addition, there is a strong focus on skill development in the form of an inductive approach to grammar improvement with opportunities to practice English language points in real-life contexts.

Each booklet contains a grammar-file providing further explanations and practice activities. The examples integrate closely with the online content of the K+ Tools, which are online materials delivered through the Moodle learning management system. Kaplan students are able to enjoy the most fun and effective English learning experiences possible, both in and out of the classroom on a computer, mobile device or with K+ Notes.

At the CRELLA Research Centre at the University of Bedfordshire’s, Prof. Stephen Bax said that these attractive materials are of good quality and at the right level. Providing this type of platform for teaching and learning is a great way to motivate students towards success.

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