Beat the Clock for a Great Deal on English Language Courses

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If you want a good discount on English language classes at Kaplan, you’ll need to beat the clock. Beat the clock is an idiom that means to take advantage of something before there is no more time to do so. So, when you beat the clock, you do something before the deadline. Let’s see this idiom in use.

Students who want to take one of Kaplan’s English language courses should try to beat the clock and contact Kaplan before September 30th in order to book their learning experience before course prices increase on October 1st. Kaplan, a leading international provider of English language courses, is giving fast-acting students the chance to save up to 15% on their exceptional learning experiences.

New students who book a course and beat the clock can save up to 15% on the start of an amazing learning journey in some of the world’s most fascinating locations. Currently enrolled students can extend their courses at 2012’s prices.

A spokesperson for the school said that they are happy “to offer these savings to those who successfully beat the clock.”

The schools are located in areas such as beach towns and big cities as well as near historical and cultural centers that are designed to maximize the fun and education students get outside of the classroom. Why not try to beat the clock today!