Are you afraid to talk with native speakers?

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Hi, I’m Maya. Long time no see! How did you spend your summer time? I went on a trip to Cancun, Mexico, in August. It was an ideal summer vacation! I want to be there again in the near future.

Last Friday, I worked at the WTC with Anthony who is from NYC. Then he gave me awesome words, and the experience made me confident. I will share my great event with you.
It was the first time we’ve worked and chatted together. First, he asked me where I’m from and how long I’ve been in the US. I told him, “Japan, and since last November.” He said, “So you have an accent.” I asked him if he understood my English. He continued, “Yes! Do you understand my English?” I answered, “Yes!” Then, he continued, “So we can communicate. There’s no problem!”

All of the American people I’ve talked with told me the same thing. “Don’t be afraid to talk with native speakers. And don’t cry over split milk. Just keep trying!”