English Lesson: “I Don’t” Vs. “I’m Not”

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Here is a basic English grammar point. Sometimes I have a conversation that goes like this:

Michael: How are you feeling today?

Jack: I don’t tired so much today.

Can you see the problem with Jack’s reply?

We can use don’t / doesn’t + base verb, like this:

  • I don’t exercise very often.
  • Jack said his son doesn’t like pickles.
  • They usually don’t shop in Soho.

Be careful not to use don’t / doesn’t + adjective:

  • I don’t tired today.

We can use am not / is not / aren’t + adjective, like this:

  • I’m not tall enough to play basketball.
  • The soup isn’t hot.
  • They aren’t old enough to drink beer.

Are you old enough to drink beer? Is there any food that you don’t like?

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