Celebrity Teaches iPhone Photography to Students in NYC!

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Thanks to lessons from a celebrity Instagrammer, international students attending a Kaplan English course in New York City are learning iPhone photography skills.

Israeli television producer and casting director Ido Simyoni, who has over 40,000 Instagram followers, was invited to teach iPhone photography lessons to Kaplan students and staff after promoting his Kaplan Experience on the photo-sharing site Instagram while studying on a vacation English course in New York.

Students studying at Kaplan’s English language school in the Empire State Building enjoyed two indoor classes followed by several outdoor photography sessions around the Manhattan in such famous places as Union Square, Madison Park and Bryant Park.

Ido said that he was, excited to teach these students because they all come from different countries. “This diversity meant that each student’s outlook and perspective was different to both mine and their classmates,” he said.

Ido’s iPhone photography classes have been so popular with the students, that he has been asked by the school to hold the classes at Kaplan’s English language schools in London.

According to the school’s Social Media Manager Rob Pickstone, everyone at the school “is  delighted that Ido is able to share his photography skills with our staff and students.”

If you want to check out exactly Ido and other Kaplan students have been up to, go to Instagram and search #KaplanExperience.