You Can Speak English! How Positive Thinking Helps

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He can speak a little Spanish!

The other day, one of my new students came to class. She was talking about preparing her child for her first day of school in the US. She and her husband went to their school orientation to meet her daughter’s second-grade teacher. “I was nervous,” she said, “because I can’t speak English.” I hear that sentence from students all the time, but I think that if you couldn’t speak English, then you wouldn’t be able to say that sentence in English!

Instead of the usual lesson today, I want to talk a moment about positive thinking. You are what you say, because your mind believes everything you say. Whatever words pass your lips are words your mind believes to be true. So, instead of telling yourself (and others) all the time, “I can’t speak English,” I suggest you try saying something more truthful. How about, “I can speak a little English” or “My English is getting better little by little.” Positive thinking makes a big difference, so why not give it a try!