One Point English Lesson: Because, Since, & As

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She is usually late because of the bus

When you want to say the reason something happens, you can use because, since, or as. Let’s see how these words are used:

We use because to introduce the reason in a sentence. When you use because, you generally introduce the reason for the first time and/or the reason is an important part of the sentence. Because can come at the beginning or the middle of a sentence:

  • I eat pizza twice a week because I love it!
  • Because he missed the bus, John was late for school.

We use as or since when the reason is already known and less important than the other part of the sentence. Note that as and since come at the beginning of a sentence:

  • As I was hungry, I ordered a pizza.
  • Since he missed the bus, John decided to walk to school.

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