Learn English in Edinburgh, Scotland!

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Kaplan International Colleges, has expanded its college in Edinburgh, Scotland making it the largest adult learning centre in one location in the city.

Kaplan in Edinburgh has gone from seven to twenty classrooms and reopened to students on July 2nd. Students attending a Kaplan Edinburgh English course will find classrooms that include such cutting-edge facilities as interactive whiteboards, teaching lecterns, and new versatile classroom furnishings. Following an Education Scotland Inspection, the refurbished college received a positive report.

In addition to two computer rooms and PCs in the student room, students can enjoy using the school’s upgraded Wi-Fi. The school provides regular training on using the technology to its instructors and a Blended Learning Specialist also on staff. Also, in addition to being a test centre for the TOEIC exam, the College has recently become a test centre for Trinity exams.

The Principal, Ms. Rachele Walker, noted that everyone is delighted with the expansion of the Edinburgh campus and its facilities. Ms. Walker said it is, “a premium college facility in a prime location.” One of the school’s unique and popular courses teaches international students arts-related English during the Edinburgh Festival, which combines attendance at Festival events with discussions of performances using specific vocabulary and writing reviews.

Edinburgh is a great place for international students. Why not check out a course there today?