Don’t use too busy as an excuse

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My husband kept all my favorite sections of the newspaper that I usually read when I went to korea for the last three weeks. There wereliterally big piles of them, and I found an interesting article as I was rummaging through them. The article was about people,including me, who always say and tell that they are so busy that they have no time either to have lunch or even drink a cup of coffee. I think The word “busyness” in NY is very familiar and happens to New yorkers everywhere and everyday. While reading the  article, I nodded my head a lot. The reason was that I totally agreed with what the writer was telling us, and l looked at myself and felt like I had been in the ‘Busy’ trap.

My sister and one of my best friends lived in NJ and recently went back to Korea. Now I feel remorse that I didn’t spend much more time hanging out with them whenever they asked me either to get together or have lunch or dinner, I used to tell them, “I’m too busy, but I will call you later.” I barely made time for them. Almost at the end of the article, the wirter mentioned that the most important things to him is to spend time with people he loves and to treat himself well for a just few hours a day. He concluded that life is too short to be too busy.

I’m back in NY from my trip to Korea. After reading the article, I don’t want to struggle with my life because of being too busy. I checked my schedule, crossed out things I really don’t need to do, and added time for myself and the people I know but have not seen for a while.