One Point English Lesson: Using To + Gerund

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Charlie is looking forward to driving his car!

In most cases in English, we use to + base verb, like this:

  • I want to eat pizza.
  • I like to teach at Happy English

There are a few specific cases when to is followed by a gerund (VerbING). Let’s look at some of these today.

Be used to is used to talk about situations that were once unfamiliar or difficult, but are now familiar or comfortable. We use be used to + VerbING like this:

  • It was difficult when I first got here, but now I’m used to driving in NYC.
  • Is Jane used to working at the bank?
  • My sister goes to the gym twice a week, but she isn’t used to exercising yet.

Be looking forward to is used to talk about situations in the future that we have a feeling of happy anticipation about. We use be looking forward to + VerbING like this:

  • Jack is looking forward to seeing his family in St. Louis next week.
  • We are all looking forward to going to Cathy’s wedding.
  • I am looking forward to taking vacation in October.

What are you looking forward to doing? What are you used to doing these days?