One-Point English Lesson: Wait for Vs Wait to Vs Wait for ~ to

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He’s waiting for the bus to come.

We say wait for something, and that something is a noun:

  • I am waiting for an important phone call.
  • Can you wait for me? I’ll be right there.
  • I waited for an hour, but the repairman never came.

We also say wait for someone / something to do something, and that something is a verb:

  • I was waiting for the postman to come.
  • Please wait for me to finish this report.
  • We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could start the game.

We can also say wait to do something

  • I’m waiting to talk to the boss. He’s been busy all day.
  • Mom is waiting to eat dinner, so we should hurry back home.
  • We are all waiting to see what will happen during the Olympics.

Are you waiting for something? What are you waiting for someone to do? Are you waiting to do something?

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