Nice to meet you! (From Our New Guest Author)

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Happy English is proud to present a guest writer for the blog. Follow Maya’s NYC adventures here!

Hi, I’m Maya. I’m one of Michael’s students. Nice to meet you! I’ll introduce myself today.

I’ve lived in the US for 8 months. I moved from Osaka City, Japan, to here last November because my husband was transferred to the US branch of his company. I’m still a newcomer to NYC!
Recently I’ve been spending busy days and doing everything I’m interested in, working as a volunteer, taking a Spanish class and a knitting class, and woking at a wine store and studying wine there. I’ve experienced such a lot of precious things.

I’ll mention my English skill. Before I moved to here, I couldn’t speak English at all. I regarded English as just a school subject, like Math, History, Science, and so on. Honestly, I didn’t like English and it was NOT my cup of tea. I knew I should study English, but I was pretty optimistic, like “If I lived in the US, I could speak English soon as native English speakers like magic.” (Probably most people think so, right?) I can affirm now “English magic NEVER occurred.” My thought was absolutely changed as soon as I began living here. I couldn’t understand what native English speakers said even if it was such an easy phrase, like “Credit or debit?,” “Would you like a bag?” I was truly disappointed in my skills. And then, I determined to study English hard. I had studied English at 2 schools until I started studying with Michael in May. I’ve studied English eagerly as I decided by myself.

Do you want to know current my English skill? Ummm… I can have a conversation with native English speakers, but not perfectly. I can probably understand around half of what they say, but I can’t understand another half. About my speaking skill, I can’t say what I want to say perfectly yet, but I feel I’ve improved much in English compared to 8 months ago. In addition to that, I extremely enjoy speaking English even though I sometimes feel frustrated and ashamed. I realized English is a measure to communicate with people. Until 8 months ago, I could communicate with only Japanese. Now I talk with Americans, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Saudi Arabian, Brazilian… people of various nationalities every day. Isn’t this an awesome experience? English has made my world spread widely!

Did I write down too much? Have a great day and see you next time!

Editor’s note: If something is your cup of tea then you like that. We usually use this idiom in a negative sentence:

  • Playing golf is not my cup of tea.
  • Blue cheese is not my cup of tea.

What is no your cup of tea? Thanks for reading today and feel free to leave a comment!