One Point English Lesson: Tired of & Tired from

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Tired is an adjective and means feeling sleepy. When we use tired + of and tired + from, the meaning can be slightly different. Let’s have a look at this today.

We use tired + of  + noun to show that something is no longer interesting, or we are bored of it:

  • I’m tired of pizza. I eat it almost every day for lunch.
  • My job is boring. I’m tired of it!

You can also used tired + of  + gerund (VerbING) with the same meaning:

  • I’m tired of eating pizza for lunch. I have it every day.
  • My job is boring. I’m tired of working for this company!

We use tired + from + gerund (VerbING) to show that we did something and it made us tired.

  • I’m tired from shopping all afternoon. I want to take a nap.
  • I’m tired from working in the garden.

Are you tired from something? Are you tired of doing something?