One-Point English Lesson: Alive, Live, Died, Dead

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Alive is an adjective and means “living” or “not dead,” but we do not generally use alive before a noun.

  • The lobsters in that tank are aliveNot, The “alive lobster”
  • Luckily after the hurricane my tomato plants were still alive.

Live is an adjective and means “living” or “not dead”

  • We bought live lobsters at the fish market.
  • That truck is carrying live animals.

Died is the past tense form of the verb die, which means to stop living.

  • Frank said his pet bird died.
  • JS Bach died in 1750.

Dead is an adjective which means “not alive.”

  • I pulled out all of the dead plants from my garden.
  • I found a dead mouse in the basement this morning.