One Point English Grammar Lesson: “Make an effort”

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When you use your energy and try very hard to do something, you can use “make an effort.”

The pattern is subject + make an effort + to + verb + object:

  • EunYoung is making an effort to study English.
  • Tomomi made an effort to learn ballet.
  • Ali is making an effort to finish the report by 5:00pm.

What are you making an effort to do? Leave a comment here!

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  1. Thanks Michael,

    I enjoyed your Site. The site helps me in Engl.
    I see chats and discussions there. It’s cool, when different people from different countries can help each other.

    But, in the first thanks you that you do this work to us.

  2. Dear teacher
    Could you explain different between “make an efforts” and “make an effort”?

    The lingvo program says me that these combination of the words have different meaning.

    1. Hi Grenadier. “Make an effort” is an idiom, and so we only say “make an effort.” Also, we never use “an” or “a” before a plural noun. Thanks for asking 🙂

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