English Lesson: Using “ain’t.” “Ain’t” Ain’t a word!

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Yogi Berra, the famous New York Yankee’s baseball player once said,  “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

“Ain’t” ain’t a word! My parents used to tell me that all the time when I was a kid. I am sure you have heard “ain’t” many times in movies and TV programs, as well as from native English speakers as well. What does this word mean?

Well, “ain’t is technically incorrect grammar, but commonly used in American English. Ain’t is used to replace “am not” or “is not”. For example:

  • “I am not working tomorrow.” becomes “I ain’t working tomorrow.”
  • “Jim is not working tomorrow.” becomes “Jim ain’t working tomorrow.”

For many people, “ain’t” is considered to be slang, and many native English speakers feel that the use of “ain’t” shows the speaker is uneducated and/or immature. It is commonly used by young adults and teens I think it is good to know, but I can’t suggest using it.

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