English Grammar Lesson: Using Must

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You must be so tired!

Have a look at this conversation between two friends

Joe: Hi Jim. What’s up?

Jim: Hey Joe. I just finished working a double shift.

Joe: You must be tired.

Jim: Yeah, I am. But I must get this project finished by Friday.

Joe: I guess you must not have anyone in the office who can help you.

Jim: You’re right. When the boss gets back from his business trip, I must talk to him about staffing.

Joe: He must not realize how short staffed your office is.

Must has a few different meanings in English. Do you know how to use must? Have a look at the conversation above once more, then check today’s lesson.

We use must to mean “I believe something is true.” The structure is must + verb

  • You must be tired. = I believe that you are tired.
  • You must not have anyone in the office who can help you
  • You are American? You must like baseball.
  • Do you study at Happy English? You must know Jenny!

We also use must to talk about something that is necessary to do. The structure is also must + verb

  • I must talk to the boss about staffing.
  • Joe must learn to speak Chinese. He is being transferred to Shanghai.
  • You must have a passport to travel overseas.
  • In New York, you must be 21 years old to buy alcohol.

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