English Vocabulary Lesson: Basic Business English

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ABC Company was launched in 1999. At the time, it was a small firm, serving just local clientele.  But business started booming, and ABC grew into an international powerhouse. ABC didn’t need to worry about the bottom line, because sales were strong and careful management kept overheads at a reasonable level. The results were amazing. Quarter after quarter, the profit grew and the company spent many years in the black.

Here is the key vocabulary and the definition in Basic English as the words are used here. Some of these words may have slightly different meanings in other situations.

  • to launch (verb) means to start doing business
  • firm (noun) means company or business
  • clientele (noun) means the customers of the business
  • boom (verb) to increase strongly
  • powerhouse (noun) means a powerful, well known company
  • bottom line (noun) means the final line on the financial report of the company. The bottom line shows the amount of the profit or loss of the business
  • overhead (noun) is an expense of the company such as rent or payroll
  • profit (noun) is sales minus expenses. If the company receives more money that it pays out, it makes a profit. If the company receives less money that it pays out, it makes a loss.
  • in the black (noun) means the company has made a profit. If the company has made a loss, we say it is “in the red”

Thanks for studying today. I hope you find this vocabulary useful!

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