New! 109 Phrasal Verbs Book & Audio Podcast

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Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to let you know that the Audio Program (Podcasts) is now available!
There are 11 podcasts, almost 1 hour of audio lessons.

Here is a sample of the audio:

Download the sample here
When you upload the podcast to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, touch the screen to see the text of all of the lessons:

Tap the screeen of your iPod or iPad and see the lesson!

For a limited time, still just $5 for both the book and all 11 podcasts (almost 1 hour of my lessons).

  • The DEFINITION of each phrasal verb.
  • How to USE the phrasal verb.
  • The STRUCTURE showing the grammar pattern of the phrasal verb.
  • EXAMPLE sentences to see how the phrasal verb is used in context.
  • A PRACTICE question to give you the chance to use the phrasal verb.
  • ALMOST 1 HOUR of my audio lessons in 11 Podcasts explaining the meaning and giving examples of each phrasal verb!

Now, just $5 for the book and audio! Limited time offer


Click here for a FREE 15 page sample


Would you like to buy the complete 116 page book with all 109 Phrasal Verbs AND the 11 Audio Podcasts?

Click here to buy the book and 11 Audio Podcasts for just $5!