English Lesson & Podcast: Romance & Love Idioms

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Jack popped the question to Dianne one warm April afternoon in Central Park.

Listen to the Story:

Jack and Dianne met on Valentine’s Day, 2011 when they went on a blind date. They hit it off right away. Some people said it was love at first sight. That night, they spent several hours chatting, laughing and making eyes at each other. They dated several times after that, and even went on a double date with Jack’s friends Brad and Angelina.

Dianne was crazy about Jack, and soon he was head over heels for her. In April, Dianne told me that Jack stole her heart, and Jack also realized that she was the one.

Jack popped the question to Dianne one warm April afternoon in Central Park. She said yes, and so they got engaged. In May, they got hitched in Las Vegas Their close friends, Brad and Angelina, were with them when they tied the knot. Everyone knew that they were made for each other.

Let’s look at the idioms and expressions used in this romantic story!
Listen to the lesson:

♥ go on a blind date (idiom). When two people go on a blind date, they meet each other for the first time during that date.

♥ hit it off with [someone] (idiom). When you hit it off with someone, you get along well them from the beginning.

♥ love at first sight (idiom). When you fall in love the first time you meet someone, you experience love at first sight.

♥ make eyes at [someone] (idiom). When you make eyes at someone, you look at them in a romantic way.

♥ double date (idiom). When two couples go on a date to the same place at the same time, it is a double date. You can have a double date or go on a double date.

♥ be crazy about [someone] (idiom). When you are crazy about someone, you like them very much.

♥ head over heels for [someone] (idiom). When you are head over heels for someone, you are completely in love with them.

♥ be the one (idiom). When you say [someone] is the one, it means that [someone] is the only one person you want to marry.

♥ steal [someone’s] heart (idiom). When you steal someone’s heart, you cause them to fall in love with you.

♥ pop the question (to someone) (idiom). When you pop the question, you propose marriage to them.

♥ get /become engaged (idiom). When you get or become engaged, you make a promise to marry each other.

♥ [people] get hitched (slang). When you get hitched, it means you get married.

♥ [people] tie the knot (idiom). When you tie the knot, it means you get married.

♥ [people] be made for each other (idiom). When two people are made for each other, it means they are a perfect combination / a perfect couple)