English One-Point Lesson: Surprised at, by/with, & that

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Surprised is an adjective and is usually followed by at, by/with, or that.

My friend Joe sent me a strange email about his cat. He usually never sends emails!

  • I was surprised at Joe.
  • I was surprised by Joe’s email.
  • I was surprised that Joe sent me an email.

You can be surprised at a person when they do something unexpected or unusual for them:

  • I’m surprised at Joe. He never sends emails.
  • I’m surprised at my boss. He gave us the afternoon off and he never did that before.

You can be surprised by/with a thing or a situation

  • I’m surprised by the service at this restaurant. It is never this slow.
  • I’m surprised with the exhibition. I didn’t think it would be so good.

You can use a sentence with that after surprised:

  • I’m surprised that there was so much snow today. The forecast said “flurries.”
  • I’m surprised that Jane stayed so late at the party. She said she was tired.

What have you been surprised by recently? Have you been surprised at someone recently?

Thanks for studying today!

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