English Lesson: Giving Opinions Using Should & Ought To

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English Lesson: Giving Opinions Using Should and Ought To

The NYC Subway

I live in the suburbs of New York City. It’s just about 45 minutes by train to the downtown area. Living in the suburbs has some advantages, like it’s quiet at night. It’s also pretty close to the beach and some parks. But I think there should be more public transportation here, because there are too many cars. And the parks are great, but ought to be open later at night. Are you satisfied with the city you live in?

We can use should and ought to when we give opinions. Do you know how to use this grammar? Have a look at the paragraph above and then check out today’s lesson: 

We can use should and ought to when we give opinions. The structure is should + base verb and ought to + base verb. In a negative sentence, the structure is should not + base verb, and we usually use shouldn’t + base verb. We don’t use ought to in a negative sentence. Here are some examples:

Tom: I like NYC, but I think there shouldn’t be some many taxis. They should have more busses, especially the clean-air type.

Jen: I think they ought to expand the subway system. Don’t you think there should be more subways on the East Side?

Tom: Yeah, that’s a problem. If they are going to have more busses, they really ought to put them on the East Side.

How is the public transportation system in your city? Are there enough trains and busses? What should your city do to improve the situation there?

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