English Lesson: Using After

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After I left work yesterday, I went to the diner to meet my friend Eddie. I first met him when I was in junior high school. We were both waiting to visit the school nurse, and started chatting. We discovered that we both like the same kind of music, and after that, we became good friends. After we had finished high school, we both got involved in the music business. We even played together in a band in the late 1980’s. We lost touch with each other and after twenty-five years, we finally met up and realized we still like the same kind of music after all these years.

Today let’s look at how to use after. Do you know how to use this word? Have a look at the paragraph above and then check today’s lesson:

After is used as a conjunction.  This means, after joins two sentences together to make one sentence. You can put after at the beginning or in the middle of the new sentence like this:

  • [sentence 1] I left work yesterday. I did this first.
  • [sentence 2] I went to the diner. I did this second.
  • After I left work yesterday, I went to the diner. Use a comma between the two phrases when after is at the beginning of the sentence.
  • I went to the diner after I left work yesterday. No comma is needed when after is in the middle of the sentence.

After can also be used with a present tense verb when we talk about the future:

  • I’ll let you know after I talk to the boss. Not, after I will talk to the boss.
  • After Joe gets married, he will buy a house.

After is also used with the ing verb like this:

  • After talking to the boss, I will go for dinner.
  • Joe said he will buy a house after getting married.

I was a little tired after writing this lesson. I hope it was helpful. What do you usually do after work or school?