English Lesson: Talking About Age

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Happy is 12 years old. In human years, she is about 65. She is catching up to her “grandmother,” my mom, who is 82. For their age, they are both in very good health. They also get along very well! I hope I will be in such great shape when I am her age.

Let’s look at how to talk about age in English. When you want to know someone’s age, you can ask them

  • “How old are you?”

We don’t usually ask, “What is your age?”

To talk about your age, we use the be verb. You can say:

  • “I am twenty-five years old” or “I am twenty-five.”  Not, I have twenty-five years.

Of course keep in mind that in many cultures, it is impolite to ask someone about their age when you first meet them. Thanks for studying today!



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