English Lesson: Celebrate Vs Congratulate

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This weekend we will celebrate my mom’s 82nd birthday. She’s in great health for her age and this year My sister Lori and I will have a nice little party for her at home. Two years ago we celebrated her 80th with a big surprise party. We invited about fifty people, and hired an excellent catering company. The real surprise came the morning of the party. We had a blizzard with over two feet (60cm) of snow! Only three guests made it to the party. Of course I congratulated them for being able to make it to our house.
Today, let’s have a look at congratulate and celebrate. How to use these words can be confusing sometimes. Do you know how to use these words? Have a look at the paragraph above and then check today’s lesson.


We celebrate something, like a special event or occasion. The structure is celebrate + [something]

  • This weekend we will celebrate my mom’s 82nd birthday.
  • When will you celebrate your graduation?
  • I heard Jane and Chris are getting married next year. Let’s celebrate by taking them out to dinner.


We congratulate someone for something that they have accomplished through their effort, or for a milestone they have achieved. The structure is congratulate + [someone]

  • I congratulated my mom when she bought a new house.
  • Congratulations on your graduation.
  • I called Jane and Chris to congratulate them on their engagement.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this lesson. Thanks for studying with me.