English Lesson: Phrasal Verbs Give Out & Give Up

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I was walking on Broadway yesterday and someone was dressed in a Santa suit giving out samples of hand lotion. I thought it was kind of strange that Santa would be giving out samples on the street! I was trying to go to Rockefeller center to see the tree, but it was so crowded, so I decided to give up.

Give Out

Definition: To distubute something

Use: A person or a business can give something out

Structure: give out [something] or give [something] out


  • Someone was giving out free samples of dish soap at the train station.
  • Every year, city hall gives park passes out to the local residents.

Give Up

Definition: To surrender

Use: A person or a group of people can give up

Structure: give up [something] or give up [doing something]


  • I gave up playing baseball when I was twenty-five.
  • Rachel tried to give smoking up several times.

Practice: Have you ever tried to give something up? What does your city or town give out?