English Lesson: Articles. Talking in General with Nouns II

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I like fruit. I try to eat some fruit every day. This morning I had a banana and some grapes. I often have fruit with yogurt. I had some time this afternoon so I went to the supermarket. I wanted to get some bananas, but they were too green.

Today, let’s continue the discussion on articles and nouns. I suggest you have a look at yesterday’s lesson first before checking today’s.

When we talk about things in general we use “a/an” for a singular countable noun, the plural form of the countable noun, or a non-countable noun like this:

  • A tomato is red.
  • A banana is yellow.
  • A cloud is white
  • Tomatoes are red.
  • Bananas are yellow.
  • Furniture is expensive.
  • Fruit is healthy.

In the above examples, we are talking about tomatoes in general, and fruit in general. We are not talking about any specific fruit or tomatoes. We are talking about all tomatoes and all fruit.

Another way that we talk about things in general is when we talk about things we like. When we do, we use the plural form of a countable noun or a non-countable noun. Here are some examples:

  • I like bananas and grapes.
  • Jack loves cats.

As I said yesterday, we use a and an with countable nouns when the thing we are talking about is one of many, like this:

  • I bought a pen.
  • The zoo is helping an elephant.
  • Did you eat a banana today?
  • I think there is a meeting tomorrow morning.

Likewise, with non-countable nouns, we can just use the noun, like this:

  • I bought fruit
  • Jen has new furniture.
  • Did you drink coffee today
  • I think there is milk in the fridge.

Ok, Let’s take a break here. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about today’s lesson. We’ll continue tomorrow!