English Lesson: Verb + Preposition (Work)

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English Lesson: Verb + Preposition (Work)

I was working at my desk this morning trying to decide which topics to choose for my Twitter lessons. I have worked in international education since 1994, but I have been using social media for just about a year. I wonder what it would be like to work for a company like Twitter or Facebook. As I work on my lessons I think about many different things…

Today, let’s have another look at the verb + preposition combination. Some verbs are always followed by a certain preposition, and this can get confusing. Today we will look at work, which can be followed by at, for, in, on, out, and with.  

Use work at followed by a place or a task:

  • Brad works at a bank downtown.
  • The boss was working at his desk all day.
  • I had a problem with my computer and I was working at it for a few hours until it was solved.

Use work for followed by a company, a cause, or a person

  • Brad works for NYC Finance downtown.
  • Jenny has been working for animal rights all her life.
  • Teddy used to work for Jack Welch.

Use work in followed by a field or industry:

  • Brad works in finance.
  • I’ve been working in education for more than 25 years.

Use work on followed by a task:

  • Brad works on finance reports for the bank.
  • I was working on my lessons all morning.

Use work with followed by a body part, a tool, or a person.

  • Brad works with a computer and a financial calculator.
  • I worked with Greg and Nobi in my previous job.
  • Freddy is a plumber, so he works with his hands.

Work out is an idiom which means exercise:

  • Brad works out at the health club on 53rd Street.
  • I need to start working out, but it is so difficult to get started!

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