English Lesson: Verb + Preposition (Arrive & Agree)

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I was talking with my friend Jim about our next trip. I agreed to go to Miami because he agreed with me that we should spend the winter in a warm place. We will probably arrive in Miami on January 10th.  We’ll arrive by plane. We agreed on flying because it is easy and the fastest way to get there.

Today, let’s have a look at the verb + preposition combination. Some verbs are always followed by a certain preposition, and this can get confusing. Today we will look at “agree” and “arrive”

Agree can be followed by on, with, to + verb

Use agree on followed by the topic being discussed:

  • I agreed on the early time for the meeting.
  • Since we all agree on having a lunch together, lets try to agree on the time and place.

Use agree with followed by the person you have the same opinion with:

  • agree with Joe. Let’s start the meeting earlier.
  • We agreed with the boss to have a dinner meeting on Friday.

Use agree to + verb when there is an action we are talking about:

  • I agreed to go to Miami with Jim.
  • We both agreed to stay home on Saturday and order pizza for dinner.

Arrive can be followed by in, at, with, by, or for:

Use arrive in followed by a city or a country we travel to:

  • Jack arrived in New York in 2005.  Not arrive at
  • We arrived in Turkey last Friday. Not arrive at

Use arrive at followed by a place, a building, and the place of an event we go to:

  • I arrived at the park early and took a nice walk.  Not arrive in
  • I arrived at my office at 8:00 this morning. Not arrive in
  • We need to arrive at the party by 6:00.  Not arrive in

Use arrive with followed by the thing or person we travel with:

  • She arrived with her two kids.
  • I arrived with my laptop.

Use arrive by followed by the kind of transportation we use:

  • She arrived by taxi last night
  • I arrived by plane, but I am going back home by train.

Use arrive for followed by the purpose of the trip:

  • We arrived for the free lunch, and it was worth the trip.
  • We arrived for the wedding ceremony with plenty of time to spare

Next time we will look at some more examples of verbs + prepositions. What is your request for a one point lesson?