English Lesson: Adjective Order II

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It is Saturday night in New York. We are having a serious hurricane overnight and there is a good chance we will lose our electric power and internet. So, I need to get some lessons ready and scheduled to be published this week. The forecast said the tidal surge will be four meters high! That’s a lot of water. It is times like this I wish I lived somewhere higher.

Today, let’s look at a few more cases of the order of adjectives. The first one is when we have a verb + object. In this case, the adjective goes after the object:

  • I need to get some lessons ready
  • My sister painted her bedroom purple!
  • My dog makes me so happy!

Next, when we talk about measurement, we generally put the adjective after the measurement noun:

  • The tidal surge will be four meters high.
  • That movie is three hours long.
  • From the storm, the water in my street was three feet deep.

When you use words like anything, something, somebody, somewhere, etc., put the adjective after those words:

  • I wish I lived somewhere higher.
  • I want to go somewhere quiet so I can concentrate.
  • Have you heard anything interesting recently?

When we use numbers and adjectives, we generally put the numbers first:

  • I went to the store and bought six sweet cupcakes.
  • There are two important bosses in the company. I’d say Jack is the most important boss and Angela is the second important boss.
  • I have three nice steaks for the BBQ

Thanks for studying today. Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or request for a one point lesson.