English Lesson: Using “The” Article II

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Today, lets look at the next part in this mini-series of lessons dealing with the. I will probably have another set of lessons on articles in the future. For many students, articles are one of the most difficult topics. One of my students said articles the hardest thing under the sun! What do you think? 

As I mentioned in yesterday’s lesson, there are three articles in English; a, an, and the. Today I want to show you a few more uses of the that I think should be easy to remember. Why don’t you take a look at the paragraph above once more, and then check out the lesson below.

Here are some key points: The is the definite article. The has many uses, but I can say that in general, the is used before nouns that represent specific things. Here are some more examples where the is always used. Try to memorize these combinations:

The + Last, Next

  • The last time I went to Turkey, I stayed in Istanbul.
  • Please look at the next sentence in this lesson.

The + Future & Past

  • I will probably have another set of lessons on articles in the future.
  • In the past, there was no internet or computers.

The + Sun, Moon

  • The sun is very strong these days, so if you spend time outside, use a good sunblock.
  • If you had a chance, would you go to the moon?

The + Government, World, etc – (When there is only one)

  • The government provides services for its citizens.
  • The world has gotten smaller these days because of the internet.
  • Did you watch the president’s speech last night?

The + Adj-est (Always use the before a superlative)

  • I think this is the best English lesson website in the world!
  • I’m usually the busiest in the mornings.

As I said yesterday, I am sure that there are other examples of words that are always used with the, so if you think of some, leave a comment here. Thanks for studying today.