English Lesson Confusing Words Part II

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New York is a pretty convenient city to live in. There are all of the conveniences you would expect in a city, like great public transportation. At first it might seem difficult to remember the where all of the subways go. However, you can quickly memorize the system. There are direction signs and maps everywhere.

Today, I would like to continue going over some sets of similar and sometimes confusing words in English. I used some of these words in the paragraph above. Have another look at it, then check today’s lesson:

Convenient Vs. Convenience

Try to remember that convenient is an adjective, and convenience is a noun.

  • New York is a pretty convenient city to live in. Convenient (adj) modifies the noun “city.”
  • I enjoy the convenience of living in New York. Convenience is a noun.

Remember, Memorize, & Memory

Remember is a verb and means to think about something already in your mind. Memorize is also a verb and it means to put something into your mind permanently. Memory is a noun and is means the place in your mind that you hold information.

  • I remember my first-grade teacher, Ms. Johnson. She was so nice.
  • It is easy to memorize the subway lines because they are color-coded.
  • My memory is full of ideas for English lessons J

Quickly Vs. Early

Quickly is an adverb and means to do something fast or in a short period of time. Early is used as an adverb and adjective and means to do something before the expected time.

  • You can quickly memorize the NYC subway system. You can memorize the system in a short amount of time
  • I finished work early today. (Adv) I finished before my expected finishing time.
  • On the weekends I like to eat an early dinner. (Adj) I like to eat dinner before the time I usually eat during the week.

Sign and Signature

As a noun, a sign is something that gives us information, like a stop sign on the road, or an information sign in a train station. A signature is your name written by you in your own unique way. You use your signature on important documents.

  • There are many signs in the subway to help you get where you need to go.
  • When I bought a car, I need to put my signature on many documents.

Note that we use the verb sign when we refer to putting your signature somewhere.The following sentences have the exact same meaning:

  • Please sign your name at the bottom of this contract.
  • Please write your signature at the bottom of this contract.

What is the transportation system like in your city or town? Feel free to leave a comment here and let us know.