English Lesson: Phrasal Verbs With Call

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Let’s continue studying phrasal verbs today! Call is used in a variety of useful phrasal verb. See how many you can think of, then check today’s lesson:

When you call on someone, you visit them. It also means to ask someone for help. This is a bit of old-fashioned and formal sounding English, but here are some examples:

  • The salesman called on his customers to let them know about his new products (visit)
  • Can I call on you if I have trouble with my computer (ask for help)

When you call someone back, you return their phone call.

  • I noticed that my sister called me when I was in a meeting. I will call her back after work.
  • Jack said he called the tax office three times and left messages, but nobody called him back.

When you call someone up, you telephone them. This is also a bit of an old-fashioned expression:

  • If you want to chat , you can call me up any time!
  • I haven’t talked to my aunt in Miami. I think I will call her up this weekend.

If you call something off, then you cancel that something:

  • The beach party as called off because of rain.
  • I heard Jackie called off the wedding. Something serious must have happened.

You can call on me if you have any trouble with phrasal verbs! Thanks for studying today and feel free to bring up a topic for a one-point lesson here!