English Lesson: Phrasal Verbs with Look

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Let’s spend some time today building up vocabulary. Look is used in a variety of useful phrasal verb. See how many you can think of, then check today’s lesson:

When you look down on something it means you consider that thing to be inferior. Look down on is used for both people and things:

  • Jack looks down on his neighbor because they keep their house and yard very messy.
  • In the 1980’s many people look down on American car brands because imports had better quality.

When you look for something, you are searching for it.

  • I looked for my keys all over the house but I still can’t find them.
  • Brad asked me to help him look for a gift for his new girlfriend.

When you look forward to something, you are anticipating something good with positive excitement:

  • I’m looking forward to my week vacation in Morocco.
  • Jill’s mom is really looking forward to her wedding next month.

When you look into something, you research or consider it.

  • I’m looking into getting a new car. Any suggestions?
  • The company is looking into opening a second branch in Taipei.

When you look out for something or someone, you have responsibility to be aware of it

  • Can you look out for the post man? I am expecting a package to come today.
  • When you drive in NYC, you have to look out for bumps and potholes in the street.

When you look something over, you examine it.

  • Can you look over this lesson once more please?
  • The company accountant is looking over last month’s financial statements.

When you look up to someone, you admire them.

  • Little Bobby looks up to his father, and wants to be a fireman just like him.
  • Who did you look up to when you were growing up?

Well, look at that! We covered seven phrasal verbs with look. Thanks for studying today. I hope to see you at my Ustream event tomorrow !