App review: Learn English on your iPod & iPad

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I recently checked out a new app for the iPhone and iPad called Learn English Reading Obama designed by Karaoke4English. If you are looking to practice English and brush up your vocabulary on the go or anywhere, this is just the app you need. When the app first opens, you can choose which language dictionary you would like you use with the app. Then, the speech opens. You see the transcript of the speech while the speech is playing. As you are listening and reading the text, you can tap a word to see the translation. You can then save the word for study and review.

The review section is quite interesting. You are first presented with a word that you chose and prompted to think of the translation. Click the word to check your answer. If you remember it correctly, click the green arrow. If you can’t remember it, click the red X. The app then presents all of your saved words in the same way. Once you have seen word and guessed it correctly three times, it drops from the rotation. The next step presents the words in your language, giving you the chance to guess the English word. During the next session, you need to spell the word correctly in English. Once you have learned the word, it is added to your knowledge bank.


This app combines both English input and output. You listen and read the speech, and then read and write the words. Karaoke4English has several famous speeches and classics from the literary world that you can also purchase.  This app is a good tool for improving your vocabulary, and practicing your listening and reading skills.




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