English Lesson: Find Vs. Find Out

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I finally found a good Chinese restaurant near my house. Actually my sister found it first and she recommended it to me. When I went there, I was talking to the waiter. I found out that the chef was from Taiwan. I also found out that the waiter was from Taipei as well. I found the food there to be very good and the prices are reasonable. This restaurant is certainly a good find!

Today, let’s look at the words find and find out.  Do you know the difference between these two words? Have a look at the paragraph above once more, and then check today’s lesson.

Find means locate something. You can find something that you lost, or find something you are searching for. We use find + [something or some object]. The grammar is find + noun. Remember, find is an irregular verb and the past tense is found. You usually find something by your own action.

  • I found my wallet. It fell behind my dresser.
  • I finally found a good Chinese restaurant near my house.
  • I found the food there to be very good.
  • Can you help SeJin find her keys?

Find out means discover some information. You can find out something about someone, some place, etc. We use find out + [information]. You usually find out something by researching or from someone else.

  • I found out the chef was from Taiwan ← Someone gave me the information
  • I finally found out her email address ← I did some research.
  • Frank found out his sister is having a baby.
  • Have you found out when the company will open its branch office in Pusan?

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