English Lesson: Taste Vs Flavor

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I love to try different kinds of food. One of the more interesting things I like is Thai green curry. Have you ever had that? It tastes so delicious! It has a unique flavor, which is a combination of coconut milk and curry spices. It is flavored with a number of spices and seasonings. I like the taste of the coconut milk too. This curry has both a spicy and a mild flavor at the same time. It is a very flavorful dish. If you like the taste of spicy food, you’ll like Thai green curry.

Today we are going to look at two words that are often confused – taste and flavor. Do you know how to use these words? Have a look at the paragraph above and then check today’s lesson:

We use the noun form of taste to talk about food, and usually we use taste when we talk about one type of food, as opposed to a dish.

  • Too much salt will ruin the taste of that steak.
  • I like the taste of that ice cream.
  • Koji likes hot dogs, both the taste and the texture.

We also use the noun form of flavor in a similar way. But flavor refers to your reaction to the ingredients in prepared food. For this reason, it is more common to use flavor than taste when we talk about a dishes or other prepared food.

  • This curry has a unique flavor.
  • I don’t like the flavor of that hot dog. It is too spicy.
  • The flavor of this pizza is just amazing.

Taste and flavor also have a verb form. The verb form of taste relates to the sense of taste we have in our mouth

  • Thai curry tastes delicious.
  • Chocolate and potato chips taste great together.
  • Does this soup taste ok to you? I think it may need more salt.

Flavor also has a verb form. The verb form of flavor means “to season.” For example:

  • The chef flavors the soup with salt and bay leaves.
  • My mom flavors her pasta sauce with garlic.

Flavor is also used when we talk about the different kinds of the same kind of food. For example:

  • Which ice cream flavor do you like, chocolate of vanilla?
  • Fanta comes in several flavors, including cherry, orange, and grape.

Well, now I’m hungry! I hope you are too. Thanks for studying today!



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