English Lesson Go To + Infinitive or For Something

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I went to Manhattan on Wednesday for my lessons.  Sometimes I drive to meet my students, but on Wednesdays I take the train to meet them. Before my class I usually stop by a café to get a cup of coffee. I like strong coffee, so I usually go to Starbucks to get coffee. I went for a Frappuccino this time because it was so hot outside.

Today we will look at talking about movement. Have a look at the paragraph above, and then check today’s lesson:

When you talk about the purpose for going somewhere, there are two patterns you can use. The first is go to a place to do something. Remember that after go to we use the infinitive (to+Verb).

  • I went to Duane Reed to buy toothpaste
  • Let’s go to the park to play tennis!
  • My friend went to Osaka to see her family
  • I went home to get my unbrella. (Remember, we go to a place, except go home, go there, go somewhere, etc Check this lesson for details)

You can also use other verbs of motion with this pattern like fly, travel, take, etc:

  • I took a subway to see my sister.
  • We flew to Seoul to visit our friends
  • I travelled to Boston to attend a meeting

The other pattern is go to a place for something.

  • I went to Duane Reed for toothpaste.
  • I will go to my friend’s house tonight for a party
  • I go to NYC on Monday’s for my lessons

Check these two sentences. The meaning is the same, but there are two way we can say the same idea:

  • I went to Duane Reed to buy toothpaste
  • I went to Duane Reed for toothpaste.

Where do you like to go? What do you go there to do?