English Lesson: Preoccupy, Worry, Think

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I have been preoccupied with work recently. I guess it is because I have a lot to think about. I have students here in New York, students on Skype, this blog, plus a few other projects going on. My wife said she is worried about me because I am always working. I don’t really worry things too much myself. How about you?

Preoccupy, worry, and think can be confusing. Do you know how to use these words? Have a look at the paragraph above, and then check today’s lesson:

When you worry about something or someone, you are anxious about that thing or person. Worry has a negative nuance. Remember the structure is worry + about + something/someone.

  • I am worried about Jack. He is never late for work. You are anxious because Jack is late and he is usually never late.
  • Maria is worried about her son. He is in the army and getting ready to go overseas.

When you think about something or someone, you have that thing or person. Think about is neither negative nor positive; it is neutral. Remember the structure is think+ about + something/someone.

  • I think about my family overseas.
  • I am thinking about what to have for dinner tonight.

When you are preoccupied with something, it is in your mind all of the time. Preoccupy is neither negative nor positive; it is neutral. Remember the structure is be + preoccupiedwith + something/someone.

  • Sam is preoccupied with her book. It’s the first one she’s written.
  • I was preoccupied with playing with the baby, so I didn’t realize it was 5:00. Time flies!

Are you preoccupied with something? Are you worried about your English? What are you thinking about these days?