English Lesson: Prepositions & Expressions of Time

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Yesterday, I started thinking about how much I have travelled. The first time I went abroad was in 1993. I went to Japan in June of that year. The following year I went to Japan to teach English. I arrived on July 27thI’ll never forget that day because it was so hot! Since then, I have travelled to Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and several countries in Asia and Oceania. Last year I went to Brazil, and next year I will go to Japan for a visit.

Today we will look at some prepositions and expressions relating to time. Have a look at the paragraph  and calendar above, and then check out today’s lesson:

In, On, & At

We use in before the year and month, on before a day and at before time:

  • I went there in 1993 / in June
  • I arrived on July 27th / on Thursday
  • Class begins at 10:00

Last & Next

We use last to refer to a past point in time, and next to refer to a future point in time

  • I was in Brazil last night / last Friday / last week / last month / last year
  • I will go to Japan next Tuesday / next week / next January / next year

Careful! Don’t use another preposition before next or last:

  • I was there in last month
  • I will see you on next week

Ago & From Now, etc

Use ago & from now like this:

  • I was there two weeks ago. Not, …last last week.
  • I will see you two weeks from now (or) the week after next. Not “…next, next week.”

Other Time Expressions

  • Let’s meet the day after tomorrow. 2 days from today
  • I went there the day before yesterday. 2 days before today
  • I work during the week. During the week means weekdays, Monday through Friday
  • I work on the weekend. On the weekend means Saturday and Sunday
  • Next week is a three-day weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any other questions about this topic, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for studying today.