English Lesson: Using have

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As you know, I have a dog named Happy.  She is cute and full of energy. She also has a strange way to eat her favorite cookie. I posted her video here so you can check it out. Have you ever seen anything like it? We recently has a party for her 12th birthday. I think she had a good time!

Today, we will look at the most common ways to use have. Do you know them? Have a look at the paragraph above,  then check out today’s lesson:

Have is used when we talk about possession and ownership

  • Tom has a dog.
  • They have a summer house in mountains.
  • Do you have a Mac or PC?

You can use have when you talk about relationships

  • He has two older brothers.
  • I have three cousins on my father’s side.
  • Do you have a big family?

We also use have to talk about health problems

  • I had a hangover this morning.
  • Mom has a headache, so she is taking a nap.
  • Brad has a cold, so he’s not coming to the party.

We can also use have to talk about events.

  • We are having a birthday party for Jane. Can you come?
  • We are having a company picnic next weekend.
  • They are having a conference in the hotel ballroom.

We use have + to + verb to talk about obligations

  • I have to work on Sundays
  • Do you have to work late tonight?
  • What do you have to do to get the car running again?

We use have + object + pp verb to talk about experiencing something

  • I just had my hair cut
  • Joe will have his car serviced before he drives to Boston.
  • You had me worried when you didn’t call.

Do you have a good idea about have now? I hope you had a good time studying today. Thanks!



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